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Lunch & Dinner Served Daily

Phone: (843) 757-7200
27 Mellichamp Dr Unit 101
Bluffton, SC 29910

Happy Hour

three margaritas

Tues - Fri


4pm - 6pm

Our menu is paired perfectly to match the atmosphere

While our passion for extraordinary food is what inspired Mi Tierra-it's the people-our team members and our guests, that breathe a special life into each location. Their devotion and character is what gives Mi Tierra spirit. We cherish our amazing connection to our guests… it is the reason we continue to strive for excellence and the core of what I believe to be the culture of cuisine. Please enjoy your visit!

Full Menu


plate of burritos
shrimp cocktail
chips topped with sauce
why do we use herradura? casa herradura, san jose del refugio distillery was founded in 1870. herradura tequila is the heart of "la casa"! at "la casa" they produce their tequila using the artisanal method. herradura's expressions are aged longer in the best american oak barrels made by the expert coopers at jack daniel's tennesse whiskey distillery. expressions: silver, reposado, anejo, ultra aneljo and extra-anejo, herradura 150 aniversario 1870-2020. try our herradura top shelf margarita
2 Margaritas with salted rims and Limes

Smokey Margarita

MEZCAL - Heard of it? The close tequila cousin from Oaxaca!!  Made from every other species of the AGAVE plant, the cousin shines for their smoky notes.   SMOKY MARGARITA  "The Mezcalita" fresh orange and lime juice, agave nectar with a pineapple floater. Rim with tajin or sal de gusano.   Epic, traditional and evolved all at the same time! From Oxaca Mexico in Old Town Bluffton!